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    Data upload issue

      In my fist attempts at loading data,I seem to be able to load only 75 of 8000+ records from an excel file into the app. I've tried several different excel files to verify there wasn't a problem with the original.

      I'm using Qlik Sense.

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          Stefan Wühl

          Could you maybe upload one of those excel files and your QVF?

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              Since I just started looking at this today I think what I'm seeing is the number of field headers. When I look in the data load editor, I see script letting me know that the number of records loaded is correct.


              But, does the data actually get loaded to the qvf or does it just form a link?


              Before I start asking to many annoying newbie questions, I think I'll go to the webinar and work through the tutorials!

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  If you load the data / execute the script, you should see a log where the number of records read in should be reported.


                  The data actually does get loaded into memory when you run the script, and is stored to disk when you save the QVF file.


                  You should also the the number of records in some other places, like the data model (when clicking on the table header and selecting the 'preview' on upper right corner).


                  But I agree, going through the webinar is definitely a good idea, shouldn't take too much time to get you on a medium level.