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    (QVS) is currently too busy

    Peter Turner


      Hello Everyone.

      We have QVS 64bit V9 SR4 running, but the AccessPoint has started showing the error message
      "Access denied! The server (QVS) is currently too busy. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator!"

      Trouble is that I'm the system administrator but not sure where to look next...

      I've checked:
      Services all running, logon details ok
      Management console loads and looks ok (although a little slow to load up)
      QVS licence ok
      1 of 5 user cals used
      1 small test qvw app loaded on the system
      CPU usage <5%
      QVS ram usage is around 5mb

      I've even un-installed the server, and removed the config files from the c:\program data folder

      but the problem still persists!

      Does anyone have any thoughts on this?