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    MsgBox not showing


      I have written macro code to show a message box giving an informational message to the user under some conditions within a subroutine. This works fine on the desktop version of QV, but when viewed from the QV server using IE of FireFox the MsgBox is not shown.

      The subroutine is definitiely being called, but when the conditions are met to show the message box, it isn't shown.

      To check that message boxes can be shown I created a Bookmark with Info Text, and when I recalled the bookmark that text showed without problems.

      Any ideas?

      This is in QV9, running with Ajax zero footprint client.

        • MsgBox not showing


          Macros ar not supported by the Ajax client - only in desktop and IE plugin.


            • MsgBox not showing


              thanks for the reply. The macro is actually working except for the message box. I am successfully using macros in a few places in my solution without any other issues.

              Unfortunately I am unable to use the IE plugin as my client still uses IE6 and will not be upgrading their desktops for another couple of months at least.