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    Qlik Sense in AWS

    Jordi Gonzalez

      Hi and thanks in advance.


      I started to install Qlik Sense Server like a regular Qlik Sense Server installation but I wasn't be able to login into QMC or Hub. I've readed that in that escenario I have to use Qlik Sense Deployment Console and have done so.

      I've tried to install Qlik Sense using QDC in AWS server but I didn't succeed.


      What I've done before creating the site was:

      • Create Object License
      • Add AWS Credentials (username of AWS Account in the field Key and my password in Secret Key)
      • Add AWS Service Users (The username and password that AWS gave me for this machine)
      • Add a Setup File for Qlik Sense Server (


      Then I started to create my Site following the steps the help guide indicates and  added successfully all the fields except for:

      • Image, Key, Security Group, S3 Folder and Subnet, because I don't know where I have to create/import these configurations and the dropdown it's empty right now.
      • Instance, because I have a t2.large and that option is not available in the dropdown.


      So, at this point the questions that I have are:

      • Due t2.large option is not available which other do you recommend I choose?
      • Is it mandatory to have an S3 Folder associated to my AWS account?
      • Are the dropdowns empty because I entered the credentials in a wrong way?


      Could you please give me any suggestion or clue?