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    Section Access and server license

    Anders Eriksson

      Hello, got a problem with Section Access and documents loaded from the server.

      What I want is to protect the document with a section access so that it can't be opened if copied to a different server with a different QlikView license.
      I want the document to be available to all current and future users that will borrow license from the server.

      My Section Access looks like this;

      Section Access;
      STAR IS *;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      ADMIN, *, domain\username, free text description
      USER, #### #### #### ####, *, server license
      STAR IS;
      Section Application;

      It works for me locally on the desktop identified with domain\username, also works when I use my desktop license number in SERIAL and * for NTNAME.
      Using a different QlikView client accessing the server and trying to open the document I get prompted for username and password?
      The serial number for server is correct (copy/paste) and the QlikView client borrows a license from the server.
      I can't use domain\username as those will change and the server is not part of the domain.
      Just want the document available for the organisation using that QlikView server but locked if copied to a different QlikView server not registered in my Section Access.

      Regards, Anders