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    Financial Period calculations



      I have a table which I am importing with data linked to Financial period


      Account    LastReconPeriod  ReconType

      1              201511                  Full

      2              201511                  Part


      The Current Financial Period is say 201601


      If Recon Type is Full the ReconPeriod remains the LastReconPeriod

      If Recon Type is Part the ReconPeriod is the LastReconPeriod -1 20 it is 201510

      I need to give them a column with colour Green in the LastReconPeriod is the Current Period - 1, Orange if it is CurrentPeriod - 2, red if its CurrentPeriod -3 or more so for Account 1 the column is Orange, but Account 2 it would be red as the actual value is 201510 as it is only Partly Reconned

      Any suggestions