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    Problem with Set Analysis aggr max Date

    Daan van den Brand

      Hi, all


      I have a problem with Set Analysis.

      I want to show the sum of [Aantal] when the THT_Datum = the Maximum THT_Datum per PartijNummer per Artikel.


      I'm using the following expression;


      Sum ({<THT_Datum = {"$(=aggr(nodistinct(max(THT_Datum)),PartijNummer,Artikel))"}>}Aantal)


      When I have no selections made it will return only 0 values.



      If I make a selection based on one PartijNummer it will return the correct Values:




      I can solve it with an IF expression but i want to solve it in Set Analysis because I also need the data per Week.


      Is there anyone who can help me?

      Thank you very much in advance.