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    Office 2016 with NPrinting 16 Designer

    Louis Winter

      Has anybody successfully used MS Office 2016 with the NPrinting 16 Designer?


      We were recently forced to upgrade our servers from Office 2013 to Office 2016 (yes, we know this is not recommended without testing first).  The production server is working just fine, all office template reports work correctly.  When I select "Edit Template", the designer starts the office app (Excel.exe, etc) and then errors with a "The application has encountered a problem." popup.  The popup also has the message "QlikView NPrinting can't find a supported reporting template editor for the file [template filename].xlsx.".  After clicking "Don't Send", a blank designer window opens.  The Excel.exe app continues running in the background for the user and has to be killed via Task Manager.  I am able to start Excel manually and open the template outside of the designer, just not in the designer.