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    QV Components, add date variable

    Michiel van de Goor

      I'm adding new variables to the QV Components date variables.

      Because I want to use a date island I tested in the GUI for the correct syntax and want to add this as new variables.


      I want to create this new variable:


      // Year To Date Productief Date island

      Let $(_fieldPrefix)vSetYTDModifierProductiefDateIsland =



      $(_f_DateSerial) = {">=$(=min(_DateIslandSerial))<=$(=max(_DateIslandSerial))"},

      $(_fYear) = {"@(=$(_qvctemp.vMaxModifier)$(_fYear)))"}





      Adding a new part in the variabel ,$(vProductieveUren) works as needed but I cannot get the DateIslandSerial part working.

      The variable resolves in the fron end to >=<=.


      I tried this:

      $(_f_DateSerial) = {"@(>=$(=min(_DateIslandSerial))<=$(=max(_DateIslandSerial)))"}

      and I tried placing the whole part {">=$(=min(_DateIslandSerial))<=$(=max(_DateIslandSerial))"} into another variable but the result remains the same.


      Q: how do I need to format this part to resolve in the variable?


      I'm using QV Components 10.1.