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    Simple link between two tables

      Hello community,


      I had to link two tables in the script but i didn't know how to do in a right way.


      Frist table:

      Weeknumber, Operation, Sort, Number


      Second table:

      Weeknumber, ......


      How can i link the two Weeknumbers correctly in the script?


      Thanks for help!

        • Re: Simple link between two tables
          Onno van Knotsenburg

          Just make sure the field "Weeknumber" is spelled exactly the same in both tables. That should do it.

          Keep in mind that Qlik is Case Sensitive!


          The one and only way to connect tables is by naming the fields correctly. Qlik has the opinion that if something is the same thing, you should give it the same name. If something is not the same thing, it should not have the same name.

          I know, sounds pretty logical, but apparently not every software company thought of it that way the last 50 years .