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    How do QlikView developers develope - Best Performance/Practice

    Stephen Charles

      Is there a preferred way for developers to develop QlikView document?

      Are developers developing on their locate computer with a locate developer license and then puting on to the server for users to see using the IEPlug?


      Are you connecting to the QlikView server with something like RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)?


      other methods?



        • How do QlikView developers develope - Best Performance/Practice
          John Witherspoon

          I develop locally with my own copy of QlikView and my own license. However, I am alway connected to our network, and I store files directly on our development server. I do not store files locally. Typically, each file is only modified by a single developer, which avoids conflicts. It is rare that more than one developer needs to modify the same file, and this has so far been handled successfully by simply communicating to each other what we're doing. I wouldn't say that's the best practice, but it works fine for a small shop.