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    show thing is not working

    naveen kumar


      I am trying to show a table only if when either of these fields get selected


                                                   2.A add dimension field(=Aggr(FirstSortedValue({<ROLE={'EVAL'},SUPCAT=,QUATERS=,YEAR=,name1=>}SUPCAT, -DATE_OF_REVIEW), name1))  which is name1


      so in table under layout conditions i wrote this

                                              GetSelectedCount(SUPCAT)=1 or GetSelectedCount(name1)=1


      so when i select supcat filed i am able to show the table


      but when i select a pie chart which is having a add dimension as  name1 filed then i am not able to show the table ,


      even  tried like this


      GetSelectedCount(SUPCAT)=1 or GetSelectedCount(Aggr(FirstSortedValue({<ROLE={'EVAL'},SUPCAT=,QUATERS=,YEAR=,name1=>}SUPCAT, -DATE_OF_REVIEW), name1))=1