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    Restrict publish rights to "Everyone" Stream but allow users to copy sheets/apps from that stream to their designated stream

    Uzo Aneke



      I want to be able to have my users see the apps in the "Everyone" stream, but I only want to give publish rights to that stream to a small number of users. It could get potentially unwieldy if every user with read rights also has publish rights to "Everyone", as such I want to minimize publish access to this stream, but give users the ability to copy sheets or apps from this stream and place in their own stream. So for example:


      An HR user has read/publish rights to the "HR" stream

      A Sales user has read/publish rights to the "Sales" stream


      Both users have read rights to the apps on the "Everyone" stream and have an interest in tweaking some of the apps/sheets there to their specific team's purposes. However, I do not want them to have publish rights to the "Everyone" stream. Instead I want them to be able make copies of the apps or sheets on an app, make the desired changes and publish to their respective team's streams, "HR" or "Sales".


      When I try to create a rule to only have read access on "Everyone", I am able to duplicate the app as the end user, but not able to transfer my duplicate to the relevant stream where I have access to publish. Is there a way to do this?