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    Package Size varies from one table to another - Oracle

    Mike Garciam


      I am fetching data from different tables residing in an Oracle Database and I am using the 11g ODBC driver, 64 bits. Two tables of approximately the same size in # of records (about 1 million) are read at completely different rates (records per second).


      • One table is read at about 800 records per second and takes about 24 minutes to load.
      • The second table is reat at almost 5-7 thousand records per second and only takes 3 minutes!

      Same database, same connection string, similar query (Select * From Table). What can be causing such problem? Some extra configuration to be made?

      I am experiencing the same behavior in 3 or 4 different tables, all other tables are read much faster, some even at rates of 10K records per second.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


        • Package Size varies from one table to another - Oracle
          Jonathan Dienst


          There are quite a few things that can affect the load rate. I am no expert on Oracle, but these are some of the things which generally affect relatove database table performance

          • Select * loads all fields in the table. The 800 records per second table might have a row size that is substantially larger than the second. Check the record size for each table in the databse table definitions.
          • Indexing and keys. If the table is a virtual table or a view, the indexing on the underlying table has a huge affect on performance. As would joins within a view.
          • Fragmentation in the database. If one table is updated more frequently than the other, then that table could become fragmented, affecting read performance.
          • Concurrency. If other users are on the database, they might be affecting performance through locking and transactions taking place on the slower performing table.
          • Calculated fields and read triggers also cause extra overhead on reading.


          There may be others, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind.