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    Cleaning Up Data and Adding Catagories

    Sondra Hoffman

      Good afternoon everyone,


      My company is working with an application tied to our database that is powered by QlikView©. The developer of the application referred us to this website to access the resources here. The application is not yet supported by the developer and I believe it may still be in the beta testing phase.


      In Excel, I can slice and dice information relatively easy. It would be much faster to build expressions in the application we have because exporting into Excel is time consuming and I have to do it multiple times. The QlikView update is minimal in comparison.


      To make a long story short, I have been working for days trying to find an expression that will categorize information in the application. It is all based on QlikView expressions, so I thought I would ask my question here.


      My field contains data formatted like: ab, ab/cd, cd/ab, and ab/hijkl


      My goal is to create categories (100 for ab, 35 for ab/cd & ab/hijkl, 18 for cd/ab) and summarize the data in the numeric categories.This would replace and group the string text ab, ab/cd, etc. In Excel, I used this the replace/find/left/right functions to produce the results I am looking for (it would find the characters position and replace it). Does anyone know how I could phrase my expression in QlikView to give me a similar or better result?


      Thank you!