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    NPrinting 17 Designer errors

    Radoslava Dimitrova



      I am new with NPrinting and I started from version 16. Right now I am fighting with version 17 which is a little different from 16. I installed Server, Engine and Designer on one server and it seems to be working fine. But when I try to edit a report template with the designer (Pixel Perfect,  Word) it is not quite working. On starting the designer I get this error:  StartPixelPerfect.png 

      If I say "OK" the designer opens but when I try to add level I got the following error:


      It seem that it cannot connect to the document. When I try to edit a word template I got the same errors on opening and on adding a level: AddlevelWprd.png


      The same errors appear when I try it on the server where they are installed and also on my computer where I have designer installed with both IE and Chrome. The interesting thing is that I also created QV entity report with 2 filters which is working fine and sending the entity report with its data.


      On both computers - server/local previously I had Designer and Server/Designer only which were uninstalled.


      Can anybody help with advice?


      Thanks, Radi