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    Chart Not Behaving

    Mark Ritter

      I have one bar chart that is not calculating correct by dimension.


      It is a simple bar chart with 1 dimension and 1 measure.  The measure is a master item used elsewhere in the app.  But it doesn't seem to matter what measure I use.  With this dimension I don't get the results that I would expect.


      The diimension always shows the same value for each bar.  When they should be different.


      At this point I am assuming a data issue.  But am not sure.


      I can use this measure with other dimensions and it works.  I can use this dimension with other measures and it works.


      I am really not sure what to look for at this point.


      Here is the measure code:

      Count({<Status={'Active'},Status={'*Waiting*'},Age_filter={"Over a month"}>}IncidentNumber)


      The Dimension is the field Team (which contains the group that a helpdesk ticket is assigned to)


      This chart just will not react to anything.