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    Field not found error while loading a excel file into qlikview

    Gonçalo Bernardino

      I'm not being able to load a excel file into qlikview because of the following error:


      Field not found - <Unavailability Start Date>

      LOAD Número as CHG_Numero,

      Aberto as CHG_Aberto,

      [Id de Utilizador] as CHG_IdUtilizador,

      [Solicitado por] as CHG_PedidoPor,

      Nome as CHG_Nome,

      Estado as CHG_Estado,

      [Data de Início Planeada] as CHG_DataInicioPlaneada,

      [Data de Início Real] as CHG_DataInicioReal,

      Fase as CHG_Fase,

      [Última Acção] as CHG_UltimaAcao,

      [Grupo de Atribuição] as CHG_GrupoAtribuicao,

      [Atribuídos a] as CHG_AtribuidoA,

      Assunto as CHG_Assunto,

      [Horas reales] as CHG_HorasReais,

      Tipo as CHG_Tipo,

      [Data de Fim Planeada] as CHG_DataFimPlaneada,

      [Finalização de trabalho] as CHG_FinalizacaoTrabalho,

      [Notas de indisponibilidade] as CHG_NotasIndisponibilidade,

      [Unavailability Start Date] as CHG_InicioIndisponibilidade,

      [Unavailability End Date] as CHG_FimIndisponibilidade



      (biff, embedded labels, table is [Page 1$])


      If I load all the fields, like


      LOAD *



      (biff, embedded labels, table is [Page 1$])


      it loads all fields except field Unavailability Start Date, but I get no errors.

      The field exists in excel, of course, but its the only field I get this error. The excel file is the one attached.


      Can you please help me? Thanks.