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    lQRS API: Start Tasks

      We are trying to connect to the QRS API to automate some QMC tasks.


      We are having mixed results in our implementation, most of the end points are working, such as



      but we are not able to get these tasks running.




      Both of these return the following error:

      The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.


      Has anybody seen anything similar, or have any idea on how to troubleshoot?

      For what its worth, this is the the info about the task are trying to trigger which we get back from the qrs/task endpoint:


        "id": "acbaa15a-b131-48d2-b318-8e390a0470d8",

        "operational": {

        "id": "5420c3aa-a2cd-4dca-bc61-87ad89283a3e",

        "lastExecutionResult": {

        "id": "a40d77b3-379f-42bc-b5a4-866db5a8b82f",

        "executingNodeName": "servername",

        "status": 7,

        "startTime": "2016-04-17T16:57:50.180Z",

        "stopTime": "2016-04-17T16:57:51.977Z",

        "duration": 1797,

        "fileReferenceID": "b91ebe2f-698a-4300-a166-e34a3a9b81f6",

        "scriptLogAvailable": false,

        "details": [{

        "id": "6c461f3f-386b-42e3-ba88-d6466d35b642",

        "detailsType": 2,

        "message": "Changing task state to Triggered",

        "detailCreatedDate": "2016-04-17T16:57:50.352Z",

        "privileges": null

        }, {

        "id": "96bdeb55-2eaf-4580-b0af-1cbd2e427f1b",

        "detailsType": 2,

        "message": "Trying to start task. Sending task to slave-node servername",

        "detailCreatedDate": "2016-04-17T16:57:50.399Z",

        "privileges": null

        }, {

        "id": "d0411d66-fb86-41fa-83cf-225e7c0672e9",

        "detailsType": 2,

        "message": "Changing task state from Triggered to Started",

        "detailCreatedDate": "2016-04-17T16:57:50.508Z",

        "privileges": null

        }, {

        "id": "6590c2bf-aee6-4175-9b4e-17db7f190203",

        "detailsType": 2,

        "message": "Reference to scriptlog added",

        "detailCreatedDate": "2016-04-17T16:57:51.868Z",

        "privileges": null

        }, {

        "id": "5b1844a3-3891-45c9-afa4-fe2f0babf3ad",

        "detailsType": 2,

        "message": "Changing task state from Started to FinishedSuccess",

        "detailCreatedDate": "2016-04-17T16:57:51.930Z",

        "privileges": null


        "privileges": null


        "nextExecution": "1753-01-01T00:00:00.000Z",

        "privileges": null


        "name": "Task1",

        "taskType": 0,

        "enabled": true,

        "taskSessionTimeout": 1440,

        "maxRetries": 0,

        "privileges": null