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    Making a PDF report available for non-licensed employees

      Hi all,

      I've been tasked to make a QV report available for our office employees. We have 10 licenses, but about 60 employees who must be able to check the report. The report can be a simple PDF document. My thought was to create a task reloading the report with new data, and distribute the report as a PDF-report from source document. This document is to be placed at a predefined folder. But I'm not able to select a folder when it's a PDF-report from source document. Only when it's a QV document. How can I get this PDF report available for our employees? The manual isn't very helpful on this one.

      Note that any other brilliant idea's on how to make a document available to 60 employees is more then welcome. Unfortunately, buying 50 additional licenses does not seem to be an option.