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    No-one can log in to Qlik Sense Hub (no access pass)

    Simon Hogg

      All my users have lost the ability to log into Qlik Sense hub.


      What I have tried/looked at;

      • I can log in to QMC and see that the tokens are correctly assigned
      • All the Qlik services are running as "local system account"
      • Re-syncing the "User Directory Connector" (ldap with an Active Directory domain) doesn't refresh
      • I have tried logging in as an AD/Domain user and also as a local user.  Neither work


      The only thing which has changed is that *my* password expired on the domain and I changed it, but I don't remember having the issue previously when that happened.


      Any ideas before I start fiddling?  Can I stop and start the proxies or do i have to restart the whole server?


      And also: how do I stop this happening again???