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    Finding a Missing script?


      Something is very strange happening in my doc distribution. I have a doc called CustomerService.qvw. All versions i can find of this all have the script

      Binary "CustomerService.qvw"


      but i cannot find any version of the CustomerService.qvw with any thing else. How is this even working. It is trying to binary load from a qvw that has no script. The strange thing is that everything is working and it updates hourly.


      How can i make chnages to this doc if i cannot find the script?


        • Finding a Missing script?

          Hi panderson, remember that the binary sintax literally tells the application to import the data model stored within another application, it does no mean that the script on the other application will ever be executed.


          • Finding a Missing script?

            Are you sure you don't have two CustomerService QVw's in diff locations?

            Try and find the original CustomerService QVW as this probably has your original script which is loading the data.



            Where is the file running hourly and in the same location you may find the original!