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    how to remove unwanted row from the table

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      i was able to achieve my requirement partial ,i got struck at one point ,  i want my list box should reflect only on one column,and based up on that column the other column values has to display , i mean this is my table when no selection had made in the list boxscreen2.png



      to achieve this requirement for each column expression i added supcat= except column 3  ( which mean selection made on the listbox will not reflect those column except 3rd column expression )

      expressions i wrote for each column

      current self eval: FirstSortedValue(distinct {<ROLE={'SELF_EVAL'},SUPCAT=,MaterialName=,Category=,Decision=, ENSTEHDAT = >}TOTAL_SCORE, -DATE_OF_REVIEW)

      auditor current :FirstSortedValue(distinct {<ROLE={'EVAL'},MaterialName=,Category=,Decision=, ENSTEHDAT = >}TOTAL_SCORE, -DATE_OF_REVIEW)


      previous self eval: FirstSortedValue(distinct {<ROLE={'SELF_EVAL'},SUPCAT=,MaterialName=,Category=,Decision=, ENSTEHDAT = >}TOTAL_SCORE, -DATE_OF_REVIEW,2)


      previous current :FirstSortedValue(distinct {<ROLE={'EVAL'},SUPCAT=,MaterialName=,Category=,Decision=, ENSTEHDAT = >}TOTAL_SCORE, -DATE_OF_REVIEW,2)


      then i got what i am looking screen1.png

      but the problem is Arvind Timber supplier whose Auditor current score is 83 which come under B+ i dont  want that  entire  row to be displayed when i select rating A