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    Using aggregation in visualization

      Good afternoon, I'm new in QlikSense and have many doubts and difficulties to do what they asked me with this tool. In the place where I work, we carry out projects and currently in my department there are 3 running. My boss asked me graphics showing the status of projects in a single view.


      The data are for example in tables, this (dummy data)


      Heading% incidence of the headingAmount allocated to the headingAmount executedFinantial progress
      Heading 10.154456343253465%
      Heading 20.64354668428%
      Heading 30.3458758720%


      Similar tables are for the two remaining projects. The heading of a project may be in another, or not.

      My problem is I'm not finding a way to organize and use these data, which allows me to generate a visualization with relevant information of all the projects. For example, a line graph comparing the finantial progress of each projects. When I tried to enter the size, I can only choose for example heading1.project1, then only displayed correctly values of project1 when loading the measures, if in the same chart I want to load as measure, values of another project, aggregations perform a calculation that returns values that do not correspond.


      Perhaps i'm ignoring conceptual aspects, so I will be very grateful if someone can explain how I should do.


      Thank you