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    To calculate a value using two different Time attributes

    sneha jha

      Hi Friends,


      I have been struggling to calculate a value using two different Time attributes(Month and Inventory.Month).

      The QlikView expression is as follows :-


      SUM({$< Planned ={'Yes'} >}[EUR value])/ rangesum(above(sum([Usage Value]),0,3))


      where [Usage Value] is a calculated field in the script.


      The field Usage value(measured over Month)  and EUR value(measured over Inventory.Month) are stored in two different tables.

      And the time attribute is also different in the two tables.

      However, I use dimension  over which I want to calculate the final expression( SUM({$< Planned ={'Yes'} >}[EUR value])/ rangesum(above(sum([Usage Value]),0,3))) is Inventory.Month.


      The QV object does not give any results.

      I am not sure how to solve this issue.


      Any pointers are highly appreciated.


      Thank you !