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    Source Documents on a Shared Drive - long load times

    Brent Nichol

      I have started moving my Source Documents to a shared drive, to simplify administration and migration effort. After testing the application load and distribution, I'm conscerned about the long load time for the applications.

      A 300kb file that normally takes under a second to load, as per the Qlikview Distribution Serverice Tasklog.txt file, has been taking 2 to 6 minutes. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I am using QVS v9 SR5 on a Windows Server 2008 box and the shared drive is directly connected to the server via gigabit fibre.

      I'm able to open the applications in the v9 SR5 developer application instantaneously, so it doesn't seem to be a lan issue.

      Any recommendation would be appreciated,