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    Data Source Files Showing As Folders - Invalid Path Error

      Please see below for screen shots.  I noticed an invalid path error when creating a new app and connecting it to an xlsx file that had previously been used by another Qlik app.  The file appears in the Select File window, but the icon next to it indicates that it is a folder object.  This seems to apply to files that have been used as data files in previous apps.  The files that appear with the standard 'file icon' in the Select File window are all new xlsx files that have not yet been used in a Qlik app.  In the screen shots, the two files titled 'AgC Customer Street Address Extract - Business Location - old Geo Table.xlsx' and 'AgC Sample Data 04082016 Super Groups.xlsx' appear as folder object types (1), but are in fact xlsx files (2, note file names and paths), but selecting one returns an invalid path error (3).  Selecting one of the files with the normal 'document' icon does not produce this error.


      Is this a bug?  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Are there any known workarounds or ways to prevent this?  I have been able to reproduce it across multiple PCs but have not found any discussions about it so far.  Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated.