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    License Sharing between Production and Disaster Recovery server issue.

    Shyam Sreeramula

      Hi Experts,


      I have two environments.

      One is for production and the other one is for Disaster Recovery. These both environments are same and they share the same license too.


      Before I started deploying code to Production, I was able to access both the environments and see all the services were running in both of these environments.

      However, due to an issue in Production deployment, I thought to set up disaster recovery environment in the meantime so that I do not delay the release.


      Not sure of the exact reason, but now the QlikView server on Production is Off Duty and could not bring it back. I have read a few posts that if a License is shared by two machines then the QlikView Server goes off in these both server. However, QVS is running disaster recovery and this is my current production server for the users and the release out and Live.


      Now, wondering how can I bring the normal Production server back up and running? Is this possible while the other server using the same license? Should I get support from the Qlik Directly?


      Thanks in advance.