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    Single Sign On with NetSuite


      Has anyone every tried to embed Qlik Sense visualizations inside NetSuite?  NetSuite has a way to create connections to outside applications but needs a parameter called a "Shared secret".  Does Qlik have the ability to do this seamlessly?


      NetSuite documentation

      SSO Basic definitions


      ID - A script ID for this integration, to be passed as a parameter in the portlet script. The

      value you enter here is automatically prepended with customsso _. NetSuite recommends

      that you assign a unique script ID to your SuiteSignOn object if you intend to bundle and

      distribute your integration.

      • Shared Secret - A password used to establish ownership of the Consumer Key generated by

      NetSuite. This value is included as the signature passed in your HTTP header, and needs

      to be referenced in your application verification code.

      The shared secret must comply with the requirements specified in RFC 5849 - OAuth

      1.0, sections 3.4.4, 3.5.1 and 3.6. The OAuth signature must include the & character (an

      ampersand, ASCII code 38) and the space character must be encoded as %20. When

      double-encoded, the space character %20 becomes %2520.