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    QVD used in many places, how to update them all when deploying updated QVD




      I'm a developer at a company whose QlikView developer recently left. I had 0 QlikView knowledge but all of his tasks have fallen to me. While working through his open tickets i've learned quite a bit but i have 1 ticket that's really puzzling me. It would make my life easier if it could be solved and i'm requesting some help on how this might be accomplished.


      We are a SAAS company. We have many clients who sign up for our product (a program). Part of this program is some analytics on how their program is performing - we use QlikView for this.



      When i want to deploy an update i've done to a dashboard i have to copy the updated QVD file to each and every client (QVD directory in file structure below). This is very time consuming and will only increase as our company grows.


      - Clients

      -- Client A

      --- Data

      ---- QVD File's are stored here

      ---- Also the client parameters (database prefix for that client, their name, monthly fees, etc) for the data loader scripts and dashboards

      --- QVD

      ---- All QVD's are stored here, along with .meta and .shared files

      -- Client B

      --- Data

      --- QVD


      Attempted Solution

      Since i had to do a big deployment, i've started fresh and deleted everything. I then created my client directories as above with the nested data directories. I then created a symlink to a shared QVD directory so that all clients may share the dashboard QVD files (only 1 place to deploy now).


      When i reload client A i can see client A's data in both client A and client B's web portal. When i reload client B both clients' web portals are replaced with client B's data. This is somewhat expected, as the data is stored in the QVD file, but i'm wondering if there is a way to change that?


      Alternatively, is there another way i should solve my problem?