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    Like other table

    Paul Wonford

      Hi guys. I have two tables:




           [Customer #]    as CustomerNumber,
           [address line 1]    as Address1,
           [address line 2]    as Address2,
           [address line 3]    as Address3,
           [address line 4]    as Address4,
           [address line 5]    as Address5

      From [C:\Live.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, Table is 'Report');



      [Invalid town]

      [C:\Towns.xlsx] (ooxml,embedded labels, Table is 'Towns');

      I need something similar to "Like" where i can search each address field to see if it contains any of the words in [Invalid town]. For example:

      [Invalid Town] might contain the word "Peterborough" but the Address1 field might read '1 close rd, Peterborough' and i want that to be picked up

      I would use EXISTS and NOT EXISTS but i'm not looking for an exact match. Can anyone help?