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    nPrinting page sorting issue - Excel Template

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      I created a report with 2 tabs.  One tab for Company summary page (generates 1 per company), 2nd tab for Metric summary page (generates 10 plus per company).  The Company tab is set to page by Company and the metric pages by Metric code.


      My problem is I want the final output to print in order of Company Summary, then all metrics pages for this company, next Company Summary, all metric pages for this company...


      I tried using cycling but I still get all the Company summary pages first then all the metric pages. Instead of Company A, Metrics, Company B,  Metrics, etc...


      I tried cycling but same results in one report even though I understanding of cycling is that it should create separate reports for each company.

      Note:  We want this to be one final  report, not one per company.