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    Splitting values per period into equal week values

    Adrian Buzer



      I am loading overheads into Qlikview and I want to split the total amount per period equally across weeks.  For example if the total amount of overheads in period 2 is £4,000 I want to show £1,000 per week, regardless of when the amount was actually posted.  Periods 3,6,9 & 12 have 5 weeks, all the other periods are 4 weeks. This is the load script I am using, what do I need to add?






      GLAA as [Overhead Amount],
      GLANI as AccountKey,
      GLCO as Company,
      GLMCU as [Business Unit],
      GLOBJ as [Object Account],
      GLSUB as [Subsidiary Account],
      GLDGJ as Date

      from "data.qvd"