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    Showing main URL on separate column

      Dear Community, i'm having trouble with something that I wish you could help me out with.


      Basically, i have about 1000 links ordered by popularity (times that they were shared by a user). So i'd like to be able to group them by the main url.

      Therefore: http://www.graphlib.net/2015/12/07/in-athe-content-grid-v2-infographic/

      Should become: http://www.graphlib.net/


      That's the only way I can see which sites publish popular content and make more sense out of my links.


      Can anybody help me out? All i know is that if it were Excel, i'd have to do something like =Left(url,FIND("/",url,9)) so that it cuts anything before the 9th character that has a / in it.


      Thank you very much !!!