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    Distribution failed

    Arunesh Gupta

      Hi All,

      One my task is scheduled every 2 hrs via QEMC but some times it's distribution is get failed.

      Please see below distribution log.

      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Warning Could not get TimeZone information
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error File write failed: System.Exception: No handle was returned from the QlikView Server (Upload may be disabled). QVSMessage=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?

      <Performance><ExeType>RLS64</ExeType><ExeVersion>9.00.7522.0409.10</ExeVersion><Timestamp>2010-09-22 12:00:18</Timestamp><DocSessions>13</DocSessions><AnonymousDocSessions>0</AnonymousDocSessions><TunneledDocSessions>0</TunneledDocSessions><DocSessionStartsSinceMidnight>163</DocSessionStartsSinceMidnight><RefDocs>8</RefDocs><LoadedDocs>18</LoadedDocs><IpAddrs>10</IpAddrs><Users>12</Users><CPULoad>0</CPULoad><VMCommitted>177420</VMCommitted><VMAllocated>186323</VMAllocated><VMFree>8202285</VMFree><VMLargestFreeBlock>8191190</VMLargestFreeBlock><UsageCalBalance>50</UsageCalBalance><TimeZoneBias>-180</TimeZoneBias></Performance>
      at QVSWrapper.QlikViewServer.FileUpload(Action`2 i_Logger, String i_QvsPath)
      at QVSWrapper.QVSFileStream..ctor(QlikViewServer i_Qvs, String i_Filename, Boolean i_WriteMode, Action`2 i_Logger)
      at QlikTech.FileSystem.IO.File.CopyFile(Stream i_SourceStream, String i_TargetFileName, eFSSecurityMethod i_eFSSecurityMethod, List`1 i_Settings)
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error Failed to copy file. FileName=S40 Product SW Maturity.qvw
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error Distribution failed for resource "S40_Product_SW_Maturity_Reload_Distribution_QVS_1" (QlikViewServerDistributionResource). Warnings=1, Errors=3
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings=1, Errors=4
      9/22/2010 12:01:18 PM Error The task "S40_Product_SW_Maturity_Reload_Distribution" failed. ErrorCount=5


      Could you please give me your suggetions why it is getting failed.



        • Distribution failed
          Brent Nichol

          I'm experiencing a similar issue.

          Are you running QVS v9 on a Windows 2008 server?

            • Distribution failed
              Arunesh Gupta


              I am using Windows 2008 and QVS v9 SR 5 .

              is it problem of Windows 2008 ?




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                  Brent Nichol

                  I'm distributing my qvw files to a file share for use by the production QVS. Windows 2008 doesn't have any problem communicating to this location, but the qlikview publisher seems to. I created a batch file that writes the current date and time to a file on this drive every 5 minutes. This seems to keep alive the connection that Publisher uses and has reduced the amount of distribution errors by about 95%. I'm going to changes the refresh rate on this batch job to every 2 minutes in an attempt to eliminate the symptoms completely.

                  I know this is not a fix for the Publisher issue, and it might not be beneficial based on your situation, but it has helped me eliminate several possible root causes external to QlikView Publisher.

                  Hopefully this might help,


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                      Brent Nichol

                      By setting the keep alive type batch job to run every 2 minutes has eliminated the reoccurence of the distribution error for the last 24 hours. Hopefully this will allow the support team to focus on why Publisher is unable to open a connection on its own.

                      Good luck,