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    using 'less or equal' condition in set analysis

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello every one!


      i'm using this set expression to calculate tasks with passed time of completion:


      Count({$<[Тип даты]={'*Срок выполнения задачи*'}, [1. День]={"$(=Date(Today(), 'DD.MM.YYYY'))"},[Статус задачи]={0}>}DISTINCT [ID задачи])+ sum({$<[Год]={"*"}>}0)


      Highlighted part of expression must response to count only tasks, that have date of completion less than today. but this formula works only with "=" sign. if im using variants like [1. День]<{"$(=Date(Today(), 'DD.MM.YYYY'))"}, or [1. День]={"$(<Date(Today(), 'DD.MM.YYYY'))"}, calculation returns zero, and this is wrong.

      So, what the problem?