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    QlikView file in ASP.Net Windows Form



      Hi Frnds,

      I have created sample qlikview file using oledb connection and windows form project in dot net and open the qlikview file.

      I am getting an alert message below and dispalyed qlikview file without data.

      "The file is recognized as one your own. However we must update the key in the document to reflect changes to your personal edition since you created this document.

      The document will not be updated and loaded without any data. After the operation complete, please SAve the document and then perform a RELOAD."

      Once i reload using "CTRL+R" command the datas are reflect in qlikview file. How to automate this process in windows application.

      My source code is

      qv1.DocName = "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\My Documents\\Test.qvw";
      qv1.OpenDocument("C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\My Documents\\Test.qvw");


      Thanks in advance