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    Qlik Open Data Challenge - Across Borders using EngineAPI

    Speros Kokenes

      Hey all, just wanted to encourage everyone to go check out the Qlik Open Data Challenge and vote!


      I submitted an app in the challenge called "Across Borders" that analyzes refugee data coming from UNHCR and cross references it with other data and news sources, such as the World Bank and BBC News. The app is built as a custom web visualization that uses the Qlik EngineAPI extensively to integrate QIX data with a variety of technologies, including AngularJS for the UI, D3 for custom visualizations, and Mapbox GL for custom mapping.


      I'll be writing some blog posts in the future about how it was built and sharing some tricks I learned along the way.


      You can see all of the finalists and vote at Take Action Open Data Challenge | Qlik






      Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.21.51 PM.png