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    Refresh List Object in Report

    Salazar Reyna

      HI Community,


      I'm in my first steps with NPrinting using version 17 of the product , I would like to know how to refresh the list of objects to use in a report.


      I've tried several ways Reloading the Application at QV , Reloading Metadata connection in the NPrinting Server, the Refresh button List in NPrinting Designer but not achieving a new object that I added in the application of QV appears .





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          Gianluca Perin

          Hi Salazar,

          this should work:

          once you saved your qvw changes restart the NPrinting 17 engine and then reload the metadata.

          An automatic way to reload the metadata when a qvw is changed is in the development roadmap.

          Let me know if it helps.

          Best regard

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            Salazar Reyna

            Hello Gianluca ,

            I think it's the best solution, but I think update the cache of the connection should be sufficient to update the list of objects, I consider it a failure NPrinting.


            Thank you very much for your help.





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              Salazar Reyna

              NPrinting does not handle updating the list of objects , the only way to update the list of objects as discussed .To restart the engine is NPrinting window windows services as shown in the image.



              This version is the first after buying NPrinting by Qlik , so I think that's the reason for so many failures , apparently in June published the first update , hopefully corrected and leave at least the same functionality of the previous version of the  product.

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                Hendri van de Bunte



                I know this is an older post. But we have the same issue with 17.6. But with the refresh described it is still not working.


                I tried the above solution, with version 17.6 with a QS server. But it doesn't reload the metadata in the tables in NPrinting. Is there a solution already?





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                    Ruggero Piccoli



                    I did some tests on one of my installation:

                    1. I created a new connection to a Sense App from a Sense Server
                    2. Generated the cache and created a simple report
                    3. Go back to the app and I added a sheet with a couple of simple objects
                    4. I refreshed the connection cache
                    5. I reopened the Designer and I was able to add the new objects


                    So I'm not able to reproduce the issue. I could suggest to check that you connected the correct Sense app, that the NPrinting user has not restriction on access the app and that the cache was correctlly re-generated. Please check also the Qlik NPrinting logs in order to be sure that there are not error messages.



                    Best Regards,



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