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    Idevio GeoAnalytics

      Hi all Qlik users,

      IdevioMaps now includes Idevio GeoAnalytics, which brings geographic analysis to Qlik. Via a connector with a wizard you get easy access to advanced geographic analysis.GeoAnalytics1_banner


      Our perhaps most important product since the launch of IdevioMaps, the GeoAnalytics connector. The GeoAnalytics connector makes it simple and elegant to bring in hidden geographic relationships in to your data model. Here area few use cases:

      • How many people are living 15 minutes from my shops?
      • Link GPS positions to venues, regions or a road network.
      • Build custom sale regions from a list of municipalities.
      • For all patients, find the closest hospital.
      • In which postal areas are my data?
      • And much, much more.


      A good way to get started with GeoAnalytics is to follow the step-by-step guide to clustering or by looking at theexamples.

      Guide : Cluster data points.

      GeoAnalytics Cluster Guide - Google Slides


      Guide : Dissolving areas with Idevio GeoAnalytics

      GeoAnalytics Dissolve - Google Slides

      For a free trail version or further questions, either contact  Alexander.jaballah@idevio.com  or support@idevio.com.

      This is just the beginning, there is more to come…

      Best Regards,

      Alexander Jaballah.