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    Advice more than a fix

    David Whelton

      I have an application and a report then follows using nPrinting.


      In nPrinting, I have to pull 9 reports and then only difference would be one page of the report. The other pages would remain the same for all 9 reports.


      Page 2 is the only page that differs for each report and  has a chart which shows different groups.


      Page 1: Intro

      Page 2: the data that differs by group

      Page 3: data that applies to all.

      Page 4: Data that applies to all.


      If I use filters for page 2, this will also change the data on page 3 and page 4 to show only one group for each report. On page 3 and 4, it should show all groups.


      1. Should I create 9 applications and use the one nPrinting report then?

      2. Should I only use the 1 application and create these filters in the application itself and then import that filtered chart into nPrinting?

      3. Is there a way that nPrinting will only filter on page 2?


      Advice appreciated.