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    Comparing set to a subset

      Hi everybody,


      It's my first question on this forum.


      So, what I'm trying to do is compare each value in my complete data set to a subset, to sum up how many distinct values are missing from that subset. This sum will then go into a stacked bar chart showing user statistics, as a measure.


      Here's the formula I wrote, so far:




           UserName = //this should be from my full set

              If( //in this if-bloc I'd like to get a set of the users' names that did a transaction within a month. The month is a dimension on the chart

                 Aggr(Count(TransactionID), UserName, TransactionMonth) > 0

                 ,UserName //here the names should be returned

                 ,'0' //If there aren't any, return nothing


              ,0 //if the current username from the full set matches any of the returned, then I don't want to count them

              ,1 //if there is no match, i.e. the user didn't do a transaction, increment the sum




      I have other measures for users who are in the month. But I can't use the same formula with different parameters, as the Aggr function only works with the available data; so I need to involve the full set to count how many are missing.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,