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    Status Tab Security

    Brent Nichol

      Is there a way to allow a group of users access to the "Status" tab on the QEMC, without access to the other tabs?

      I'd like to provide the operations (Help Desk) staff the ability to check the status of the server and reload a job, but not any other permission.

      Any suggestions,


        • Status Tab Security
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          As far as I've tried, Console is accessible for those in the QlikView Administrators group. I don't think scripting is possible to leave only some pages available to some users, since as a member of that group you will be able to change anything in the QEMC.

          But you can create reload tasks and allow users to launch them.

          Hope that helps.

          • Status Tab Security
            Brent Nichol

            While I wasn't able to find a perfect solution, but by modifying the QMC I was able to get most of the desired results .

            I renamed a copy of the "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service\QMC\Default.htm" to something else for access by the adminstrator group.

            Then removed the following lines from the "Default.htm":

            <a id="navDocumentManagement" onclick="Goto('DocumentManagement.htm')"><span>User Documents</span></a>
            <a id="navTaskManagement" onclick="Goto('PublisherWizard.htm')"avq="Hide:.HasPublisherLicense:0"><span>Source Documents</span></a>
            <a id="navQVSSettings"onclick="Goto('QVSSettings.htm')"><span>QlikView Server Settings</span></a>
            <a id="navPublisherSettings" onclick="Goto('PublisherWizard_Config.htm')" avq="Hide:.HasPublisherLicense:0"><span>Publisher Settings</span></a>
            <a id="navLicenses" onclick="Goto('Licenses.htm')"><span>Licenses</span></a>
            <a onclick="Goto('About.htm')"><span>About</span></a>

            This provides an interface that only displays the current status and allows the user to rerun or stop jobs. Then I added the operations security group to the "Qlikview Administarors" group and provided a link "http://servername:4780/qmc/" and training.

            While this does open a potential security gap if the operation members access any of the other html pages directly, it's better than deliberately giving them more full control.

            So far, so good.