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    Default Current Data Month

    Bobby Flake

      I am attempting to display a table that contains the latest month in the data.



      I have variable vCurrentMonth defined as "$(=MonthName(AddMonths(max(MonthName),0)))"  and am using the following expresions in my table.  Only({<MonthName = {$(vCurrentMonth)}>}Vulnerability)


      At a glance this seems to work fine.  The data for the most current data month is displays and when I select a different month, the data is updated with the selected month's data.



      However, when you select multiple months, you will always only get the latest month of the selected months.


      I would love to have the table default to the latest month in the data and when other / additional  months are selected have the table then refresh with all the selected month.  I know that using the Max month in the variable is forcing the table to only show the latest month no matter what is selected.