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    Help on Linking & grouping Time in tables

      I'm new to Qlik Sense Desktop, so sorry if this has been asked / answered before. Struggling to find help on this topic online and in the books I have purchased.


      I have data I am trying to analyse - Sales of Food & Drink and Sales of Admissions. I've imported tables from a few databases and linked up the dates in all the tables which seems to work.


      I now want to link the time field (TransTime) in the Admiss and TransItems Tables. I want to be able to create a filter where I can select a particular time period (ideally grouped in 30min intervals if its possibe) so that I can see the Admission sales data and the Food & Drink sales data for transactions that occurred in the selected time groups.


      I'm really struggling as the times are listed individually (not sure how I can group them into 30min intervals within a filter) and most of the times are showing as 00:00:00 which also seems to be when the majority of the sales data is connected to.


      To create the times I had to use LEFT and RIGHT string functions to get the figures from other data in the table so may have made a mistake.


      I've attached the model the sheet on the app where I want to show the data is called Time Graphs.


      Thanks for reading my query.