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    Open from Server

      We have QVS version 9.0. There are 18 Named User CAL's and 100 Document Cals.

      I have the QV client on my workstation and I can work on local QV applications and QV applications on network shares.

      Active directory has been implemented within QVS and works correctly for application acccess and NTFS share permissions are set correctly also.

      However if I choose the "open document on server" option from the client i,e qvp://servername I can open applications but they are read only.

      I cannot change the application.

      I have been led to believe that I should be able to edit any applications on the server as I have a named CAL leased in my domain\NTUser name.

      Are my assumptions wrong or have I missed something.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Steve Clifton






        • Open from Server
          Sunil Panda

          HI Steve,

          Named USER CALs is only to access the qlikview Application ..WE can't change the scripting in the document as it is the view of the application present in the server. Only in the server has the authority to change any thing in the application.