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    Section Access basics



      I have a very basic question concerning section access for Qlik Sense.


      At what level does the reduction take place.

      Is it before the data is queried out of the database. Or is it reduced at the level of the Qlik sense loading process, meaning all data is pulled out of the database but only a subset is loaded into the Qlik app.


      Thanks for helping me out.


      kr, Aart

        • Re: Section Access basics
          Onno van Knotsenburg

          All data is loaded out of your source and stored into the app.

          There is no real reduction (at this moment); all data is in the app, but if you restrict access with Section Access, people will only see the data they are allowed to see.


          If you want to limit the data in the app, don't load that data into the app, so change your database queries.