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    Qlik Sense REST Connector for BigQuery



      I have successfully installed the REST Connector and I can sucessfully trigger a request to BigQuery (using the authentication tokens).

      However, the BigQuery JSON response is not recognized by QlikSense.


      Is there a solution or another way to connect to BigQuery?




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          I can't quite figure out how to structure the request input, namely the URL and parameters for BigQuery.

          I've been able to use the REST connector on other data sources such as LinkedIn using an oauth access token.


          I'm quite new to BigQuery, but I have set up a Project and a Dataset, with a table in.

          Lets say my credentials are as follows:


          Project ID: qliksense-testing

          Dataset ID: MyFirstDataSet

          Table: MyTable

          Client ID: 12345

          Client Secret: 98765


          How do I structure my URL and parameters?

          Cant figure out the authentication token either


          Once I get this sorted, maybe we can work together and figure this out.