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    app shows differen results when opened on client or server

      Hi Qlikies :-)

      My developed application works fine as long as it will be opened directly with the client-installation. When the application will be opened "open from server" some selction and fliter-mechanism do not work properly. Especially one functionality: there are two buttons "Last Month" and "Last Year". Both buttons have defined actions. Clicking on "Last Month" a variable will be set with a string. This variable is bulit in a table column formula and sets the filter. Therefore it is possible to show two different values within the same column (the client don't wants to use the group functionality in the digramm options > formula) If "Last Month" ist active and the selections of MonthYear (MMM-YYYY, May-2010) changes, some of the results won't be displayed.

      Did anyone had a similar problem. As I said, if I open the file through "MENU > OPEN ..." everthing works fine!

      Thanks for your help!

      Regards, Claudio