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    QlikSense on AirWatch Browser

    Iulia Marcu

      Hello Everyone,


      I am planning a new QlikSense installation and I would like to know if AirWatch Browser is supported.


      Thank you for the feedback,


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          Karthikeyan Subramaniam

          Any browser that supports HTML5 should support qliksense.

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            We are having connection issues connecting to Airwatch Browser using an iPhone. Did you get similar issues? How did you resolve it?



            Paarth Sanghavi

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              Vincenzo Esposito

              Be careful about the difference between where Qlik works and where is supported.

              The actual supported browsers list is here:


              Supported browsers ‒ Qlik Sense

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                Iulia Marcu

                Hello Everyone,


                After some extensive testing and logging different cases with Qlik, it looks like there is a known issue with Websockets not being supported on latest iOS versions (after version 9.3.5) - Android devices are not affected. No matter which browser you install on the Apple device it will use in the end the same Safari rendering engine (this is the rule stated by Apple on the app store).

                One good news is that it looks like Opera mini browser is supporting Websockets and therefore will allow a VPN connection when the browser is used to access Qlik Sense. We don't have a productive solution yet but testing is very promising.


                Hope that this post helps others!

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                    Lucio Matos

                    Hi @Lulia Marcu,


                    I am using Airwatch browser to access Qlik Sense application. In android it works well, but on IOS not.



                    I read your post of 28/06/17 about this subject and would like to know how you solved the problem.

                    Actualy, do you get to access Qlik Sense apps from IPhone through Airwatch browser?


                    Thanks for your support.


                    Lucio Matos

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                    Michael Robertshaw

                    All browsers on iOS are built upon a WebKit component from Apple. There are two:

                    • UIWebView which is rather old and now only used by relatively obscure browsers such as Dolphin and Opera, but it does work
                    • WKWebView which was introduced in 2014, has a much faster Javascript engine, is more reliable, is used by almost ALL browsers on iOS BUT didn't route websocket connections correctly through Per App VPN.

                    The problem in WKWebView has impacted ALL Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, but has been resolved in iOS v11 (released September 19, 2017).


                    If the Mobile Device runs iOS v11.x, and the EMM infrastructure has been appropriately configured to support iOS v11, and the EMM Gateway (Airwatch's VMware Tunnel server) is running on Linux and configured to Tunnel (not Proxy) connections into your corporate network, then modern browsers such as Safari, Chrome, VMware Browser should all work.  Android devices have not been impacted by the iOS problems, and should work ok.


                    See also Qlik Sense integration with AirWatch


                    Work is underway (Feb 2018) within Qlik to further validate the behaviour of several browsers in an EMM environment, with a view to expanding the list of formally supported browsers.